Long Distance Calling Cards

Those who are travelling across the world, do not have to worry anymore how to get connected with their friends and family back at home, as they can now make use of the effective online calling card packages. Understanding the varying communication needs of the individuals the long-distance-calling-cards.net now presents a range of online calling cards, which can be used as the smart tools to make calls overseas or domestically, while enjoying the lowest rates. Long-distance-calling-cards.net is one of the most reliable online stores for purchasing cards as we constantly update our databases, to feature the online cards of only the authentic and genuine carriers from the various regions of the world.

What are Long Distance Calling Cards?

One of the most popular types in the online calling cards is the long distance calling cards or the LDCC. These prepaid calling cards are used as a tool to make domestic or overseas calls making use of any type of telecom service for e.g. mobile, phone booth etc. All that the individual are required to do; in order to use the purchased Long Distance Calling Card from the online store is to access the PIN (Personal Identification Number), in order to be able to make calls. One will not have to provide any personal detail like their addresses or phone numbers in order to buy these cards from long-distance-calling-cards.net.

The long distance calling cards or the LDCC do not require one to make changes to their existing long distance calling plans. In fact, these cards can be used to make calls in the different countries by utilizing the benefits of rates and call lengths offered by the LDCC. When using the LDCC one should not forget to dial the toll free number. Also the calling card should have access number local for your calling area.

There are different types of the long distance calling cards for the different types of the long distance calls. One should make use of the virtual evaluation tools provided at the website, to find the best possible calling card for themselves, according to the rates, length of the call, few calls, multiple calls and other such options. Also, the long distance calling cards are differentiated as, LDCC with service charges and LDCC without service charges.

There are many benefits of using the long distance calling cards which include:

  1. The long distance calling cards offer a cheap competitive long distance calling tool to the individuals looking forth for options to place domestic or international calls
  2. Calling Cards allow the individuals to reduce their costs related to telephonic communication and helps in augmenting the savings
  3. One can add more minutes and the other phone credits will rollover and be added to the new balance
  4. The ease of using of calling cards from any type of phone

Alternative to calling cards: Prepaid Calling Plan

Starting from 2012 we offer a new alterative solution to calling cards: prepaid calling plans. E-Z Call plan by CiCi offers the same rates and service as CiCi calling card, just like calling cards E-Z Call could be used from any phone, but unlike calling card E-Z Call could be used without PIN from up to 8 registered phones. Optional PIN allows to place call from any unregistered phones in Canada, USA and from over 60 other countries (list of access numbers at E-Z Call site.